Monday, April 21, 2014

Last Blog!

Well everyone, it's that time again, classes are coming to an end and I couldn't be happier!  This semester was more difficult than I expected it to be but I managed.  Sweeney's class has been good just more writing than I expected which I'm okay with since I need to become stronger in this subject.  I'm so happy I won't have to worry about blogging anymore.  I still have one more paper to finish and I am hoping it won't be too hard.  This semester I definitely learned a lot from all of my classes.  My favorite would have to be medical terminology.  This was a very intriguing class and kept my attention the entire time.  But overall my grades are good and I am very happy with the way I am ending the semester!

Second Beyond Class!

This past week my mom and I enjoyed a day at Maymont Park.  Personally I love Maymont so it was a plus when I was able to count it for my second beyond class activity.  During our walk we got to catch up on things we haven't talked about in a while since we are always going different directions.  They're were lots of daycare children at the park since most were on their last days of spring break.  It was a bit chilly out but began to warm up the more we walked.  We got to visit my favorite garden, The Japanese Garden, which has a beautiful waterfall in it.  We also got to see many of the animals they have on the grounds.  After we finished at the park we had lunch and did some shopping before heading home and meeting some of my family that came home for Easter!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break!

My spring break was definitely not what I had expected! Unfortunately I did not get to travel anywhere so I stayed at home and worked for a good majority it. Then last weekend my cousin invited me to her masquerade birthday party in Williamsburg.  Before I went to her apartment on Friday my mom and I went and ate a small grille in Charles City, Cul's Courthouse Grille.  After we ate she went to Williamsburg with me and we went shopping for a while before I went over to my cousin's.  Later that night we decorated her apartment and watched a couple episodes of American Horror Story while decorating our masks.  On Saturday, we went and shopped some around the outlets.  Once we were done we came back to get ready for the party! Everything turned out great and it helped make my spring break so much better!

Running Errands!

Well on Tuesday, March 4th, we were once again snowed in and school was cancelled.  Personally the snow is really starting to get on my nerves but it did give me a day to run errands.  I went to go turn my forms in to get my passport for this summer.  I will be going on a mission trip to Haiti!  I am excited and nervous about this trip all at the same time.  My dad is very nervous about me traveling out of the country, but both of my parents are supportive of my decision and I am very appreciative for that!  I leave on June 21 and return on June 28.  Fundraising is definitely critical since we only have a short amount of time to raise a lot of money!  Two other girls from my church are going with me and they have already been once.  From what they have told me this is definitely an eye opening experience and will give you a new perspective on life!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Glass Menagerie

Last Tuesday, our class finished watching the The Glass Menagerie, which we had also read in our English book.  I read the story but I was completely lost while reading it.  The play wasn't something I would particularly watch.  I'm planning on reading the story again, hoping that I will get a better concept about the story. Then on Thursday, we played a jeopardy game.  I really didn't enjoy playing it knowing I was going to lose because I needed to read to the story a second time.  My team ended the game with only two knowledge points since we came in last place! Oh well!  Now it's time to start working on the essay for this story.  I hope I can understand the story more and write a good essay!

First Beyond Class!

For my first beyond class event I went to Wintergreen Ski and Snowboard Resort!  I went with my friend Abigail Maclin and a couple other members from church.  I had never been skiing before so it was quite an experience.  For about two hours I could barely move without falling! After about 3 hours I successfully made it down one of the medium hills.....I only fell like twice.  After skiing for about five hours we decided to take a break and get some food.  We went to a restaurant called "The Edge," where we got terrible service not only from the waiter but as well as the manger.  Once we were done, we went skiing for about 2 more hours and had a long drive home! Overall, it was a great day and I got to count it as my first beyond class event! 

Behind on Blogging

For the past couple of weeks, I totally forgot that I had to blog.  So now I get to play catch up!  Well two weeks ago in class we worked on our first essay.  I wrote my paper about the first story in the book "How to Become A Writer."  Sweeney let us break into groups where we then got to read each others papers.  This gave us time to give our own opinions and critique each paper we read.  I had two people in my group and their outline/paper were very good and kept me interested! I haven't fully finished my paper yet but I'm slowly working on it.  My group helped me a lot with my outline by giving me ideas to write about and how to keep the reader interested.  I'm not as happy about writing our second essay since the story,The Glass Menagerie, we had to read was very hard to follow.  I'm hoping if I read it again I'll be able to break it down and understand it clearly so that my essay is perfect!